LJ Roofing Contractors have a fully operational responsive repair division specialising in all aspects of maintenance giving you total peace of mind.
Our services range from cleaning and servicing rainwater goods and minor roof repairs to structural inspections to identify any larger problems.
LJ Roofing Contractors are well versed in carrying out repairs for Housing Associations such as: First Choice Homes, New Charter housing trust and Great Places housing group. We have four dedicated repair teams covering 22,000 houses throughout the Tameside and Greater Manchester area.
We are currently developing a PDA based system to improve the service level required for Responsive contracts and to improve efficiency whilst dealing with the Day to Day liaison between tenants and Clients.




Regular maintenance and inspections prevent larger costs by identifying and resolving issues before they become severe, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

LJ Roofing Contractors specialise in identifying potential problem areas and have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out this kind of work.


Even zero-maintenance roofing systems can become damaged in exceptional weather conditions Through our responsive repair division we have the ability to attend, locate and rectify roofing issues within 24 hours at any location within the North-West of England.


LJ Roofing Contractors can arrange regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance visits to suit your requirements as part of a insurance contract or Service Level Agreement.

Please contact us for more information:

0161 338 8678